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Simplify your host stand.

Floor Plan


Your restaurant in it’s actual form, not circles and squares. When you seat 3 people at a 4 top, it shows 3 occupied chairs and 1 available.

Seat fast... really fast.

Short cuts for speed. 4 at a 4 top? Swipe right.

Combine tables effortlessly

Tap, adjust party size, select table and swipe right. Done.

Learning turnover times, Progress bar & Steps of Service

Hostus learns your guest’s average turnover, matches it to your steps of service and provides you with an easy way to read your floor plan with a glance.



A simple dot tells you all you need to know. The big, dark, filled in dot? They’re up next.

Stop double/triple seating servers

A dot that transforms into a triangle when a server is sat doesn’t overload your servers.

Quick comparisons

Swipe down to see a server’s stats. Within a second, know which server should be sat next.


Walk in parties

A few seconds and they’re on the wait list with their name, phone number, and quoted wait time. Take call aheads? One tap adds a call ahead to the list.

Useful confirmations

It’s 7pm and you quoted 30 minutes? Their SMS confirmation shows that their table should be ready by approximately 7:30pm so your host doesn’t have to keep answering the question “Will our table be ready soon?”

Two way messaging

That couple that just got on the wait list just got an emergency phone call from their baby sitter and rushed home. Say goodbye to that expensive pager... But with Hostus, they can respond to cancel just by responding ‘2’.

“Buzz” guests to seat them sooner

Send a message letting them know their table will be ready soon. A quick, simple way to get them close to the host stand so they, and everyone behind them, get sat faster.

Table’s Ready Phone Call

Ready to seat that next party? One phone call lets them know their table’s ready. Compared to an SMS, our phone call reduces time to seat by 2 minutes. Yes... 2 minutes.

Missed call back up

Your bar is 3 levels deep and the one of those layers is your guest closing their tab. They can’t hear anything, but if they don’t respond to the phone call they’ll get a backup SMS right away.

Local telephone number

Your brand... a unique phone number that, if someone calls directly, will go right to your restaurant without your guest knowing any different.


Designed to work on the fly

Reservations book time slots, not tables. Our reservation system doesn’t need tables assigned to work beautifully.

Online reservations

We stressed the details to create a beautiful way for your guests to make reservations from your website. Yes... YOUR website which they don’t have to leave in order to make a reservation.

Confirmation & Reminder

An email confirmation gets sent so they can cancel on their own terms if they need to. Then, 2 hours ahead of their reservation we’ll send an SMS reminder asking for a confirmation so your host doesn’t have to.


No headgear required

Hostus can run on multiple iPads so your host has the most up to date view of the restaurant. Now your hosts can spend more time with your guests instead of having your employees talk into their ear.

Delegate with confidence

Let your servers update table status, bussers clear tables, and your hosts seat new guests. Hostus can keep track of changes so your hosts don’t have to.