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Simplify your host stand.

Walk Ins

Faster than a dry erase marker... tap & swipe your way to a faster host stand.


Painless reservations without a need to micromanage at the time of booking.

Wait List

Two way text & phone calls from a local telephone number letting your host be in more places at once.

Online Reservations

Online reservations on your website 24/7 without a cover charge.

Server Rotations

Our innovative server rotations keep your host on track with just a glance of the floorplan.

Guest Profiles

Even a new employee will know who your regulars are, their allergies, or birthday.


Quickly find what server to seat next.

We've pioneered a new way for your host to make decisions on the fly with what we call... the 'server dot'.

It'll keep your servers even and prevent double seating servers.


Easy Server Rotations
Double Seating Prevention
Pick Up Stations
Detailed Server Stations

Connected Wait List

Easily manage an incredibly busy restaurant.

Cell phones make great buzzers, and we take it to the next level with smart wait time quotes, 2 way messaging, and automated phone calls. All, from your own unique local telephone number.

We're also non-branded, so your guests will never know it wasn't your host texting away.


Local Telephone Number
Smart Wait Time Quoting
2 Way Messaging
Automated Phone Calls
Reservation Reminder SMS


  • Local Phone Number
  • 1000 Notifications
  • 1 iPad Licence
  • Online Reservations
  • Local Phone Number
  • 2000 Notifications
  • Up to 3 iPads
  • Online Reservations
Bill Annualy
+1 iPad Licence
+200 Notifications
Multi-Units Will Share Notifications

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